A guide to installing and using MailScanner, and a complete training manual describing its operation and use by Julian Field.

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Updated June 2007

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Version 2.09 19th January 2010
What Is ScamNailer?
12/04/2010 - Important bug-fix made in ClamNailer, released ClamNailer 1.01 available from the downloads page.
19/01/2010 - Fixed bug in "--quiet" handling of the command line. Released version 2.09.
11/01/2010 - Optimised for when nothing has changed. Version 2.08 released.
18/10/2009 - New "scamnailer.ndb" ClamAV signature database is now available from http://www.mailscanner.eu/scamnailer.ndb. This is updated very frequently. Do not download it more than once per hour!
14/10/2009 - Release of ClamNailer, an equivalent of ScamNailer that generates a ClamAV signature database instead of a set of SpamAssassin rules. This is perfect if you use ClamAV on your incoming mail but not SpamAssassin.
12/10/2009 - New release 2.07. No longer uses wget at all, fetches everything from my own sites. I strongly advise you upgrade.
1/09/2009 - New stable release 2.05. The data file that was hosted at GoogleCode has moved to SourceForge, you must update to keep accurate data.

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