General Support Categories

Professional and Commercial Support

There is a company, Fort Systems Ltd, which was created specifically to provide top quality commercial support for ScamNailer and associated applications. They can even run your entire ScamNailer system remotely for you, taking all the administrative load off you.

Mailing Lists

There are 2 mailing lists for ScamNailer and MailScanner users.

The first is an "announcements only" list which I strongly advise you to subscribe to. This is where all announcements will be made of new versions of ScamNailer and MailScanner. You can subscribe to this list by visiting .

The second list is a discussion list where all new features, configuration issues and so on are discussed. This is where to go if you need help. The developers also keep an eye on it, so it's a good place to suggest new features, problems, questions, etc. But please remember there are limits to the time that can be spent on unpaid support. If you need more specific help, please read about our professional support options. You can access this list on the web, or you can subscribe by visiting .

Before posting to the list, please read this guide to asking smart questions and search the list archive.

You can search the main mailing list very easily.

Community Live Support

For immediate help, you can contact other ScamNailer users via IRC, using the server on the channel #mailscanner. If you are using IPv6, the server is You can connect immediately without having to install any IRC software on your computer.


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